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The most important thing for us is reaching excellence in everything we do for a complete patient satisfaction. Our Dentist Hamilton offer services in all dental specialties. Our Treatment options are available for all your oral health needs


What is Dental implant?

Technically, a dental implant is a small but very strong post made from biocompatible metals or ceramics. Under local anesthetic, it is inserted into the jaw bone, in place of the missing tooth root and acts as a support for the tooth. Dental implant has been scientifically tested and used in the last three decades by qualified dentists and surgeons worldwide. It has one of the highest success rate of treatment we are offering in dentistry.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a type of treatment that uses a series of Clear plastic aligners to gently move the teeth into a new position. Using powerful technology and doctor’s expertise, we can create a digital, customized plan for shaping your new smile.

Every custom made aligner will be worn by approximately 2 weeks and everything will be checked every 2 weeks. Duration of treatment ranges from as quick as 3 months to 12 months, depending on the amount of movement needed. the number of aligners needed will vary by case complexity and desired outcome.


Comprehensive Range of Dental Services in Hamilton.

Are you suffering from cavity problems? Or did you just break a tooth? Is your wisdom giving you too much trouble? Whatever the problem is our team has the knowledge to resolve the issue. Just book an appointment with us and visit our clinic. We take a very practical approach when it comes to dental treatments. On initial consultation, we will have look at the problem first and try to find out the main reason behind the same. We will also make a case history by asking you some simple questions regarding the problem such as, “when did you start noticing the problem? If you have any idea on what could’ve caused it?” We will note down all the details and then carry out some tests for a proper diagnosis. Once the test results come out, we will inform you about the condition and the start with the treatments..

    Invisalign in Hamilton  

Invisalign is a modern solution to arrange the teeth instead of conventional braces. The treatment may take from 6 months to 2 years depending on the complexity of the treatment. We use the latest technology to be able to achieve the best result possible. Our provider at Main West Dental has lots of experience treating patient with Invisalign. Patients are always welcome to book a consultation for Invisalign with the dentist. 


Dental Implant in Hamilton

Dental Implant is a great replacement options for any missing tooth. It can preserve the bone and prevent any future loss of jaw bone. The procedure is relatively painless and recovery will be fast. Our dentist and oral surgeon have lots of experience placing implants and crowns. We always provide best quality dental implants in Hamilton area without compromising the quality. Please book your consultation to get more information about dental implant cost and steps. 

 Dr A. Tavakol

 Doctor of Dental Surgery

  • University of Toronto Graduate
  • Member of Royal college of dental surgeons
  • Member of Ontario Dental Association
  • Member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Certified Invisalign provider


Dr. Ali Tavakol received his dental degree from University of Toronto and practiced in Ottawa region for years.

Dr.Tavakol is a firm believer of preventive dentistry and has a conservative approach regarding dental treatments. Following his graduation, he started taking courses in Implant dentistry, Invisalign and laser in dentistry, as he is always eager to learn the new technology and advances in dentistry. In one year only he accomplished over 400 Hours of continuing education course in Implant dentistry from the best in the world

Working in Ottawa area, he honed his skills as the only dentist in his office. His highest quality dental service has given him a dedicated patient base which just keeps growing. He is currently accepting new patients in the friendly clinic of Main West Dental.

He is a member of Academy of General Dentistry, Academy of Laser dentistry, Ontario Dental Association, American Academy of implant dentistry.



Making decisions about your smile is a huge investment. Come in for a consultation to get another opinion from Dr. Tavakol
Information is vital! We want to give you the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your oral health. We understand that sometimes that means reconfirming a diagnosis with another source. At Main West Dental, we will never recommend treatment you don’t need.

Preventative dentistry


There’s an old saying that prevention is always better than a cure and the same stands for oral hygiene. If you brush twice a day and floss regularly, it can help you avoid many oral problems and thus saving you from the expenses of dental services. Our dentists at Main West Dental can advise you on how maintain your oral health. We can carry out digital x-rays to make sure if everything is alright. You can also get in touch with us if you are in looking for invisible braces or Invisalign. These can be custom made just for you. The major benefit is, you can remove them whenever you want. This means you don’t have to worry about food bits getting stuck in the metal wiring.

Dentist Hamilton

Dental Surgery and Recovering

We can also advise you on what to do and what not to do if you have just undergone dental surgery and are recovering. Our services are available to customers in Stoney Creek, Ancaster and Dundas. Contact us for further details or to book a consultation today.

Cosmetic dentistry

teeth whitening Hamilton

One of our popular services is cosmetic dentistry which includes installing porcelain veneers and teeth whitening service. You don’t need to worry about chipped or stained teeth anymore. We offer a customized cosmetic dentistry service specific to your requirements. Our team of expert dental surgeons will make sure that you have the perfect smile that you deserve..

teeth whitening Hamilton

Affordable dental services

Worried about expenses? Well, with Main West Dental, you don’t have to be. You will be pleased to know that our dental services reasonably priced and that doesn’t mean that we compromise on quality. Over the last years, we have always strived to deliver high-quality which has resulted in a loyal client base who have made us their go-to dental clinic. When you hire our dentist, rest assured, you will always get a professional service..

We have some more good news for you. When you contact our clinic for the first time, the first consultation is completely free. So what you are you still waiting for? Sign up today. Your date with a perfect white smile is just a call away.

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Sco Rpio

My daughter just had her wisdom teeth being removed at this clinic, and Dr Ali did an amazing job , highly recommend him

Alanna Marie

Everyone is extremely friendly from reception, hygienists to Dr. Ali.

He explained everything in great detail during my root canal, which made me feel much better about having it done.

Karima Yousefi

The best dentist! I had wisdom tooth extraction and fillings done recently, Dr. Ali is the best Dentist and a gentleman! All the procedures were painless. My extractions was complicated and other dentists referred me to specialist but Dr Ali not only saved my money but also he extracted the tooth in 5 minutes. I have excellent results!
The staff is Friendly and Amazing! I have already referred my friends and coworkers to Dr. Ali

Angela Praljak

I had a great experience with this dental office. Every one is very friendly. Dr Ali is very gentle and excellent. I highly recommend this place

Mary Belmontes

Dr Ali is excellent. He explains all the procedure, I didn't have any pain during the procedure. He is very gentle and I highly recommend it to my friends .

Najma Abdy

Dr Ali is an amazing doctor, very informative. I had a fantastic experience with my complicated wisdom tooth extraction and handled with great care. Definitely recommend Dr Ali and his staff.

Roya Rahim

best dental experience i have ever had so far. the staff is excellent. Dr Ali is very thorough and always willing to listen and explain. they are always ontime.


Behrooz Moradi

Dr. Ali was extremely efficient and detailed. He was very detailed in his explanations and extremely pleasant to talk to. Couldn't ask for a better experience at a dental office. Great service. Highly recommend.


I did my implants with Dr Ali. He is a great dentist. The procedure was very quick and painless . I highly recommend this place to all

Isna Esmati

Dr Ali is amazing. Very friendly staff I highly recommend this place

Marlene Monster

I was terrified to have a molar pulled. Dr. Ali sat beside me and explained the procedure in a very relaxed manner. It went well, to my surprise.

B Levi

I am very pleased with my experience at Main West Dental. I tend to be a hard critic for dental offices as I've had bad experiences in the past. Dr. Tavakol exceeded my expectations, him and his staff kept me calm during all of my appointments and he did a fantastic job explaining everything he was doing as well as clearly answering all of my questions. After my experiences with other dentists I can say that Dr. Tavakol and his team are the best I have been too and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Sadaf Mansour

My tooth was broken and Dr Ali fixed it expertly and with great care. I highly recommend him and his practice.

John Steward

Great service, friendly staff, very clean office, Dr Ali was gentle and explained everything.

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