Full Mouth Restoration Hamilton

If you are suffering from several dental issues, then you should consider giving our team at Mainwest Dental a call. We have a team of excellent dentists who have

  • Many years of experience in this practise
  • Can carry out all types of dental procedures
  • Offers tailored dental services

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Comprehensive Service for Full mouth Restoration in Hamilton

Whether you are looking for professional teeth whitening services or a crown fitting service, you should contact Mainwest Dental and let our experts take care of it. We provide a wide range of full mouth restoration Hamilton which includes everything from crowning and dental implants to root canal therapy and dental bridges. All you have to do is discuss your dental needs with us. We will see to it that all of them are fulfilled leaving you with complete satisfaction and a beautiful smile.


Why would you need a Full mouth
restoration in Hamilton?

The reasons could be various, such as:

  • Teeth loss due to decay or trauma
  • Fractured and injured teeth
  • Teeth affected by acid erosion due to food, beverage and acid
  • Tooth or teeth affected by teeth grinding
  • Issues with jaw muscles which can result in headaches

We can carry out a complete assessment to diagnose the problem properly and then carry out the necessary treatments to resolve the issues.


The process of Full Mouth Restoration in Hamilton

To treat a condition properly, it should be accurately diagnosed at first. At Mainwest Dental, we carry out all necessary tests to find out the root of the problem and then start with the treatment. We assess the condition of your teeth to check if any crowning or filling is needed, then we check your gum tissues for any sign of infection or inflammation. The next step is to examine your jaw muscles. Jaw problems generally lead to issues with chewing and our aim is to resolve them. Finally, we come to the aesthetics of your teeth. We check for discolouration, misshapen teeth and other issues. Thus we carry out a


Treatment for Full Mouth Restoration Hamilton

Depending on the type of problem you have, we can start with the treatment accordingly. Here’s a list of Full mouth restoration treatments in Hamilton we carry out at Mainwest Dental

  • Dentures and dental implants: We offer custom made dentures to replace any number of teeth and dental implants to replace
    the missing tooth root
  • Dental crowns: These are used to replace missing tooth or teeth or protect and strengthen fractured or damaged teeth
  • Root canal: Removes infected root pulp to relieve you from sever tooth pain
  • Tooth whitening: Removed stains for your teeth and restores its beauty

Alongside we also offer dental bridges and tooth coloured fillings

The advantages of full mouth restoration Hamilton


Replace damaged tooth or teeth


Relief from teeth or jaw related problems


Enhance the beauty of your smile which can boost your confidence


Improves your overall oral health


What’s the difference between a full mouth restoration in Hamilton and a smile makeover?

Well, the major difference is, in a smile makeover, all treatments are carried out with an aim to enhance the beauty of your smile. Smile makeover treatments do not deal with dental problems whereas a full mouth reconstruction includes treatments such as dental implants, dentures and smile makeover treatments such as teeth whitening services as well making it an all-encompassing service when it comes to dental treatments.


Insurance coverage for full mouth restoration in Hamilton

A full mouth reconstruction services can take up to $30,000 to $45,000 or more. Dental insurance may cover some costs but this again depends on your diagnosis and the treatment plan. However, with Mainwest Dental, you don’t have to worry about expenses as our dental services are very affordable without any hidden surprises. You can book a consultation now by giving us a call. We serve customers in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

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