Root Canal Therapy Hamilton at affordable prices

  • Repair damaged tooth/teeth
  • Relief from severe pain
  • Improve oral hygiene

Comprehensive root canal treatments in Hamilton

When you are thinking about a root canal treatment in Hamilton, you might be thinking of an intimidating dental surgery which might be painful. Well, with Mainwest Dental, you can leave those fears behind. Our dentists are experts in this field and we have been carrying out successful root canal therapy in Hamilton for many years now. Using high-quality equipment and local anaesthesia, we make sure that the whole surgery is carried out without any hassle. To book an appointment, just call us.

When do you need a root canal therapy in Hamilton?

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy is something you may need to go through if you notice that teeth pulp has been inflamed or infected. Also, there are cases where root canal therapy Hamilton may be necessary to save or restore a tooth or several teeth.


The symptoms of Root canal Therapy Hamilton

If you have noticed some of the following symptoms below, chances are you might have to go for a root canal treatment in Hamilton. Have a look.

  • Severe pressure on teeth
  • Severe pain while chewing
  • Irregular sensitivity to temperature
  • Gum tenderness and swelling
  • General tooth pain which is not relieved by over the counter
  • GDarkening colour of teeth

If you have been suffering from one or several of these symptoms, contact Mainwest Dental and let our experts have a look


The process of Root canal Therapy Hamilton

A complete diagnosis is carried out first to understand the severity of the condition, followed by which a cost estimate is given to you (the client). After you give us the go, we will start with the treatment.

After carrying out local anaesthesia, the infected or injured pulp is removed from inside the crown and roots of the teeth. After this, the canal is disinfected, cleaned, shaped and then sealed with a natural rubber-like material called Gutta Percha. And then, the opening of the teeth is sealed with a temporary or permanent filling to prevent future infections.

The entire process can take around 1-2 appointments with each sitting taking up to 90 minutes.


The Cost of Root canal Therapy Hamilton

Well, the cost of root canal treatments depends on various factors. We have categorized some below, have a read to get an idea on how much you would have to spend for a root canal treatment.

  • The cost of the treatment depends on the severity of the infection. If the infection is bad then you might have to pay more as it can require for complete extraction of the infected tooth/teeth
  • The front tooth/teeth has
    only one root whilst the molars or the back teeth have 3 which makes root canal treatments for the molar a little
  • Operating on a tooth which has been operated upon previously can increase the expenses as surgery becomes a bit complicated for
    these type of cases
  • A root canal is generally finished off with a crown which will cost extra. This is needed a prevention.

Why should you choose Mainwest Dental for your root canal treatments?


Professional dentists at your service


Affordable root canal treatments


Years of experience in the practise


Flexible treatment options

We serve customers in Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

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Root canal Therapy Hamilton Aftercare tips 

After the treatment is carried out, it is important to crown the tooth to prevent future dental problems, such as cracks, fractures and infections. Our dentist will talk about the details of how you have to take care of your teeth after the surgery is done.


Prevention is better than a cure

Well, rather than going through all that hassle, wouldn't it be nice if you can maintain oral hygiene so you don't have to go through the process at all? Just brush twice a day and floss regularly, eat healthily and drink a lot of water; maintaining these simple steps every day can help you prevent root canal infections. However, if there is a necessity to carry out surgery, you can always get in touch with our dentists. Contact Mainwest Dental to set up an appointment or to resolve any queries you
might have.

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