Wisdom Tooth Extraction

It's evident that wisdom teeth are not getting enough room in your mouth to erupt correctly. Either it goes sideways for eruption or grows partially or makes an impact in the jaw and causing immense pain with infection, overcrowding, and swelling. The only way to get relief from this problem is to approach the best dentist for wisdom tooth extractions.

Mainwestdental can be your one-stop destination where wisdom tooth extraction is done correctly by professional dentists who love to help their patients get rid of unwanted pain and restore the perfect smile.


We have a pool of best dentists for wisdom tooth extraction; who diagnose the condition of the tooth erupting and moving into jaws that results in swelling. They recommend the best advice to patients who rush to the clinic for emergency dental wisdom tooth extraction. Right from removing one or all of the wisdom tooth removal to correct problems, everything is done to perfection by professional wisdom tooth extraction dentists at Mainwestdental.

Just take an appointment as one of our best wisdom tooth extraction dentistshelp you in giving relief from the pain and swelling that wisdom tooth gives while eruption and impacting the jaw. They follow a proper procedure for wisdom tooth extractions as well as work on other aspects that prevent such cases from happening in the future.

The best dentist for wisdom tooth extraction makes the process pretty easy for you. The whole process doesn't take more thanan hour unless the things are pretty stiff. And as mentioned earlier, the jaw is cleaned, and antibiotics and painkillers are given after the process to ensure quicker healing happens.

How is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Done at Mainwestdental?

Though wisdom tooth extraction is a painful process andour best dentists at Mainwestdental make things simplified by giving you necessary medications before starting the procedure

  • The first and foremost step that wisdom tooth extraction dentists implement is to give you a local anesthetic before starting with the process
  • Your gums and surrounding are cut to extract the wisdom tooth erupted sideways rather than growing in an aligned way.
  • Once the dentist gains hold of your wisdom tooth in forceps, it will be gently moved back and forth to dislodge it from the slot where the root is positioned
  • As the tooth get removed, the dentist will place a gauze over the vacuum to promote blood clotting in the extraction area for few hours as it is the healing process.

Wisdom tooth extraction is done in a hassle-free manner if you get it done by the best dentist for wisdom tooth extraction, having lots of experience.Mere 30 to 45 minutes are required for the wisdom tooth to be extracted that has impacted the jaw. For emergency dental wisdom tooth extraction, rush to Mainwestdental clinic so that one of our best wisdom tooth extraction dentists will check the condition and take forward the procedure of wisdom tooth extraction.

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